Special Events

Illawarra Archers run a number of special events throughout the year. 

These include:

The Golden Gong

Illawarra Farget

South Coast Field

Executive Team Challenge

Family and Friends Fun Day

Introduction to Archery

Beginners Courses

check the Illawarra Archers Events listing on the home page, news and calendar pages for dates for upcoming events

The Golden Gong

The Golden Gong is for novice archers of all age divisions and is typically held on the second Sunday in March.  It provides a perfect introduction to archery tournaments in a relaxed environment.

The competition is conducted under normal tournament rules and conditions with experienced archers on hand to assist all day.

Rounds to be shot: 90 arrows, 30 at each of 20, 25, and 30 metres on a 122cm face.


All competitors must be members of a club affiliated with Archery Australia or an Archery Alliance Association (ABA, 3DAAA or TAA). Click here for information about this requirement.

More information can be found at Golden Gong 2024 

Illawarra Farget

The Farget shoot is a combined Field and Target Shoot. This is primarily a fun event and is aimed at recreational and tournament archers alike. 

Competitors shoot 12 Marked Field targets (a half field round) and a National Target Round ((consisting of 48 arrows at 60 yards and 24 arrows at 50 yards with 5 ring scoring).

The scores from both events will be added to produce a final score for use with


South Coast Field - August 17-18, 2024

Our South Coast Field event is a 2 day field shoot on our challenging field course. Our course is generally recognised as one of the best in New South Wales (and the country!).

Rounds of 24 marked targets are shot on Saturday and again on Sunday, with BBQ lunches provided, and a medal presentation ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Event medals are awarded for all contested divisions.

The South Coast Field Tournament is World Archery registered. Competitors will be able to claim World Archery Field Awards.

more info

Executive Team Challenge

The Illawarra Executive Team issue a challenge to any 4-person team of mixed shooters to a fun day of competing on the range. The teams must have one each of compound, sighted recurve, barebow recurve, and longbow shooters.

The teams compete over two rounds of different distances, with the separate disciplines shooting while their other team members, and any others in the open gallery, cheer their archers on. There may, at completely inappropriate times, be some high spirited comments and helpful suggestions and observations for opposing team members. 

The details:

Round 1: 3 ends of 6 arrows each:

Compound - 60m

Sighted Recurve - 50m

Barebow Recurve - 40m

Longbow - 30m

Round 2: 3 ends of 6 arrows each:

Compound - 50m

Sighted Recurve - 40m

Barebow Recurve - 30m

Longbow - 20m

team scoring is combined off bow

Longbows on the line

Cheers and Jeers from The Gallery

Family and Friends Day

This is a come and try day for members' family and friends. Members invite people from their peeps to come along to the club for a half day of introduction to our venue and our sport.

Introduction to Archery

Have you ever wondered what it's like to use a bow and arrow?  Our half-day Introduction to Archery course provides everything to satisfy your curiosity! This is a pre-requisite for a Beginners Course

for more information, see the Learn Archery page and the Introduction to Archery page

Beginners Courses

The club runs formal beginners courses, usually every month. These usually take the form of 2 sessions of 1/2 day each, run over consecutive Sunday mornings. Each session is run by accredited coaches, with occasional assistance from experienced senior shooters from the club. Special sessions are sometimes available, depending on demand and coaching availability. 

for more information, see the Learn Archery pages and the Beginners Course page