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At Illawarra Archers we believe that archery really is a sport for all, whether you are 8 or 80. However, it is more technical (and potentially more dangerous) than it looks at first glance. Archery started off not as a sport but as training for war. Bows can throw arrows at high speeds and it is a sport that uses sets of muscles rarely used in any other sport or activity. It is therefore highly important that all archers receive appropriate training in how to properly use the equipment and their bodies to practise the sport safely. By ensuring all archers receive the same basic training we can try to ensure that everyone remains safe at all times (both to themselves and to others) and that all archers are able to have a positive experience starting out in the sport.

To be eligible for membership of the club, all archers need to display competence in basic shooting before they can apply. The standard path to membership is to complete a Come and Try course followed by a beginner’s course with us. If you have experience as an archer at another club, or you have completed an equivalent beginner’s course with another club within the last 6 months, you can apply to have your competence assessed as an alternative pathway to membership.

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