Club Membership

How do I join or renew my membership?

Illawarra Archers has a number of membership categories to choose from, including family options and individual options, as well as associate and non-shooting options.

Please Note: this page has a number of references to the Assemble Portal that the club uses for member, membership, and event management. It is necessary to have an account on the Assemble Portal before access to the data is permitted. More information on account setup is available on the Assemble Accounts page.

For New Members

Before you can become a member of Illawarra Archers you must:

Click on this link for more information on Beginners Courses. Any courses currently confirmed will be listed on this page or in the Illawarra Archers Events listing on the home page.

Contact the Club Coaching Coordinator for any clarification needed.

Application for Membership

If you are interested in applying for membership at Illawarra Archers, you should familiarise yourself with key aspects about the club operations, requirements and expectations of our members.

These can be found in the following documents:

Applications for membership are done though the Assemble online portal. From the following list, select the Assemble link for the relevant membership category, depending on your age and / or family circumstances. 

This will transfer you to the Assemble Portal, and after you log in to Assemble, will display the available options for the selected category. Select the applicable option and follow the prompts to fill in your details, apply for, and pay for membership.

Individual and Family membership options are listed below.

If you are already a member of an Archery Australia affiliated club, and wish to also become a member here, select the Associate Member link.

Please note, payments include a small administration fee

If you have any questions about, or issues with, the application process, please contact the Illawarra Archers Treasurer to discuss.

Assemble IAC Mship Fees.pdf

Your application will be reviewed by the Club Executive and the Club Secretary will let you know the outcome by email.

If your application is successful and fees are already paid you may receive your "Welcome to the Club" email.

Otherwise - 

If online payment presents difficulties for you, contact the Club Treasurer, who will assist. 

When your membership is validated, you will receive the ‘Welcome to the Club’ email, which will include links to the Club Constitution, Club Rules & Safety Policy, and New Member Induction.

You are not a member of the Club and cannot shoot until you receive your “Welcome to the Club” email.

Until you receive your Archery Australia membership card, please retain your receipt with you at all times as proof of membership.


Provisional Membership

Once your membership is validated, you become a Provisional Member and your name will be listed on the provisional membership list.

At the next General Club Meeting following two-months membership, your name will be put forward to the meeting for acceptance as a full member. Provisional Members are encouraged to attend this Club Meeting.

In the event of an application being rejected, the provisional member will be invited to attend the next General Meeting for the reconsideration of membership. If after that procedure the provisional member is not confirmed, the provisional member shall cease to be a member of the Club and all membership fees shall be forfeited.

One of our conditions of new membership is that you must have either previously completed a Beginners Course with us or another Archery Australia registered Club, unless you are transferring from an existing archery club.

For Existing Members

Similar to the actions for New Memberships above, in the membership categories presented above, select the Assemble Link that matches your membership category. This will transfer you to the Assemble Portal and after you log in to Assemble, will display the available options. Select the applicable option and follow the prompts to confirm your details, and pay for your membership renewal.

More Information

For any advice on membership please contact the Club Treasurer to discuss your membership of the Club.