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Saturday Competition - February 17

The Saturday shoot will be 96 arrows. Div1 takes on a Mini Fremantle, with 24 arrows at each of 60m (large 122cm face), 50m (large 122cm face), 40m (small 80cm face),and 30m (small 80cm face). Div 2 will shoot a Mini Intermediate with 24 arrows at each of 50m (large 122cm face), 40m (large 122cm face), 30m (small 80cm face),and 20m (small 80cm face)..Div3 will chase an Small Mini Horsham, with 24 arrows at each of 40m (large 122cm face), 30m (large 122cm face), 30m (small 80cm face),and 20m (small 80cm face).

Twilight shoot this week- Thursday February 22

Twilight shoot Thursday Night at 6pm is an AA50/720. 72 arrows from 50m into the big 122cm target face. Register in Archers Diary

Field Course closed for QRE preparations - February 23 (and maybe other days/times prior)

Note: as per normal procedure, the Field Course will be closed prior to the QRE shoot day for necessary preparations. 

There will also be closures of the ranges during the QRE shoot on Saturday.

Saturday Competition - February 24

The Saturday shoot is QRE Field shoot. Register for the QRE via the Illawarra Archers Field QRE link, or for the round as a club shoot via Archers Diary.

ANSW Tournaments February 2024

3rd February: Warringah Open
4th February: Penrith City Archers 60th Anniversary Field - WA 24T Marked and Matchplay (
10th February: SOPA Double QRE (Link TBC)
17th February: State Presentation Night. new link.
18th February: Coast Archers Youth Tournament (TBC)
25th February: SOPA Challenge Series 1 (Summer) Tournament (TBC)