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Draw Length

Draw length J.Dudley

Recurve Reference Guide

AMO Draw Explained

Tournament Preparation Outdoor

Arrow Building

Wood Shafts


Many articles about building wooden arrows indicate the point end of the shaft must be tapered and the point is then glued on. While many points do require these processes, there are point and outsert options that are manufactured with parallel and threaded sides that go over the end of the wooden arrow shaft and no taper is required. For specific examples, see the article below on Top Hat Points.

Similarly, outserts are available for the nock end of the shaft. These may not require the shaft to be tapered nor the nock to be glued. With these, 'standard' nocks (or indeed bushing/nock pin/pin nock combinations) may be used.

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Introduction to Wooden Arrows

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Wood Arrow Spine Chart 

Top Hat Points and Tools for Wooden Shafts 

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