Come and Try Archery

Come and Try Archery Course

This session is your first step into the sport of archery. This 90 minute lesson is usually scheduled for the first Sunday of each month (subject to demand and availability of coaches) and is a relatively informal and fun introduction to the sport of archery.

This course consists of the following:

  • Welcome to Illawarra Archers

  • Equipment and Safety Briefing

  • Initial 1 on 1 learn to shoot

  • Group based practice at 10m

  • Informal competition

This course is a low risk introduction to archery to allow you to decide if the sport is suitable for you, before you commit to a longer Archery Beginner's Course. All equipment is provided and the session is led by accredited Archery Australia Coaches.

We will teach you to shoot a real sighted recurve bow at 10m and you will soon be shooting like Robin Hood.

We have bows that are suitable for right and left-handed archers but they do require a moderate amount of strength to draw safely and in a controlled manner. Our lightest bows have around 12 to 16lb (~5 to 7kg) of weight force on the fingers when aiming at full draw. This is a similar force to lifting a shopping bag containing 3 to 5 bottles of fizzy drink on your finger tips. A recurve bow is also quite long from tip to tip. Our bows range from 62" to 70" and we have found that archers under about 1.3m tall sometimes have difficulty even with our shortest bows.

While our coaches will always work with you to ensure that you have the most appropriate equipment to learn on, there is the possibility that an archer may struggle to manage the equipment available. If this is the case, then the coach may decide, in the interest of archer safety, to end the session early.

All archers applying for the Come and Try Archery course must be a minimum of 8 years old and must be physically fit enough to use the equipment. In accordance with club rules, all archers under 14 years old need to be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times while at the range.

To register for a Come and Try Archery Course, go to the homepage of this website and simply click on the session date you to attend under Register for Events Online on the right hand side. The cost for a Come and Try Archery course is $30 per archer. If you do not see any Come and Try Archery courses listed in the event list, then please check back later. All coaches are volunteers and sessions can only be arranged around the availability of coaches. Spaces in these courses are limited and fill quickly; Once a session is full no further entries can be made online for that session.

On successful completion of the Come and Try Archery Course, archers are provided with the details to apply for a place on an Archery Beginner's Course if they want to take the next step on their archery journey.

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