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Try Archery

Have you ever wondered what it's like to use a bow and arrow? Our half-day Try Archery course provides everything to satisfy your curiosity!

Beginners Course

Over three half days our qualified instructors will teach you all the archery basics.

The Golden Gong

The Golden Gong is for novice archers of all age divisions and is typically held on the second Sunday in March. It provides a perfect introduction to archery tournaments in a relaxed environment.

The competition is conducted under normal tournament rules and conditions with experienced archers on hand to assist all day.

Rounds to be shot: 90 arrows, 30 at each of 20, 25, and 30 metres on a 122cm face.


All competitors must be members of a club affiliated with Archery Australia or an Archery Alliance Association (ABA, 3DAAA or TAA). Click here for information about this requirement.

Club Calendar

We run a year-round calendar of events for club members.