Club Membership

Join Illawarra Archers

If you have completed a certified Beginner's Course within the last two years or are transferring from another club you may apply for membership through our Online Member's Portal. A full schedule of fees is also available on the Member's Portal.

Your application will be reviewed by the Club Executive and the secretary will let you know the outcome by email. You may be required to clarify some details or be "checked out" (at no cost) by a Club Instructor.

If your application is successful you will become a Provisional Member and receive a "Welcome to the Club" email containing everything you need to start shooting at our club.

You are not a member of the Club and cannot shoot until you receive your “Welcome to the Club” email.

Once your membership is validated, you become a Provisional Member and your name will be listed on the provisional membership list.

Renewing Your Membership

Log on to the Member's Portal and select "Registration Renewal". Note that credit card payments include a small administration fee.

Please contact the Treasurer for further advice on club membership.